Its been a crazy week at work…..long hours, new clients and a house move. And with so many new decisions ahead I am once again guilty of a horoscope addiction in the hope that it will offer me some sort of guide through the jungle….truth is it causes more issues that it solves. A recent post got my attention:

Nov 23 – Dec 21


The latest news from the International Convention of Guardian Angels is that strike action may well be imminent. It isn’t that the angels aren’t unhappy about their remuneration package or their hours and conditions of employment. Nor do they feel that they should be granted additional powers to help them compete with modern technology. They simply feel aggrieved because the beneficiaries of their generosity fail to notice the opportunities they have created for them. Help avert a heavenly picket line; show them some appreciation! This week brings the equinox and the start of a new astrological year.

FINALLY!!  So the truth is this stuff only works if you make it happen. And that scares me even more as I think it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. But back to that later. Now I trust my instincts, not an astrological opinion, for they are really all we have and this week alone they have served me well. Last Sunday morning about 4am I sat upright in bed and realised I had overlooked a key suburb in my Sydney home and office search. And low and behold I logged on to to find the perfect place had been uploaded that morning. I got in first and I am in the process of trying to secure the property so lets see if my inner guide was on the money.

My close friends will atest to my dislike of all things “RA RA!” like Anthony Robbins and Landmark, I have this overriding concern that it sets people up to try and be something that they are not making them feel inadequate in the process and whilst for a few it awakens that, that was always there in life not everyone is a leader. And thank goodness as followers are necessary for balance and harmony. So my logical brain has conquered the insanity of logging on each day to find out what other people think I should be doing, feeling or experiencing but when it comes to romance, the addiction survives.

Apparently this is my year to find that special someone and it can not come soon enough. I love being independant and strong but that does not mean that I want to forgo the sharing and intinmacy that comes with a real partnership. I want someone who can pick me up when I fall and be there to rejoice in my sucess as I want to share his. There is a great line Charlotte says in Sex and the City – “where is he? I am exhausted waiting”  I concur and if my knight in shining armour is in Mexico drunk on tequila and his horse is dead, then time he gets his shit together and tracks me down. Until then my secret horoscope addiction will continue.

Afterall just because we know things are bad for us does not stop us doing them entirely, some vices are necessary.